About Klar Tale


Do you have dyslexia or other types of reading challenges? Are you in the process of learning Norwegian? Klar Tale is the only easy to read newspaper in Norway. We use large fonts and simple words. That makes our newspaper easier to read than others.

Klar Tale offers both domestic news, foreign news, background articles, culture and sports. Our paper edition is published on Thursdays. Click here if you would like to subscribe. The newspaper is available in Norway as well as abroad. As a subscriber you will also have access to our e-paper. We also have an edition in audio-news on CD and a podcast.

You will find the most important daily news on our homepage klartale.no. These articles are also easy to read. We want to enable everyone to know what is going on in our society. Our news articles online can be read out loud to you (check our settings), you can change to bigger font size or choose to see symbols when you read.

We also offer an assignment of the week. The assignment is based on an article in the paper edition and is especially suitable for schools.

In addition, we publish a newspaper in nynorsk called Klart & Kort. This newspaper can be downloaded every second Thursday.

You can also contact us on Facebook or by e-mail. Feel free to write to us about anything you consider important!